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2 Hrs (starts 11:00 and 14:00) 

USD 25 p/p
USD 40 p/p with transfer

(excluded Airport and Cruise Port transfers - enquires for prices) 

The glass bottom boat tours depart from the Buccoo Jetty and journey to the Buccoo reef where you will have the opportunity to see corals and tropical fishes and enjoy snorkeling. Afterward, the boat will stop by the famous 'Nylon Pool' where you will be able to swim in its shallow sandbar waters and relax in the outdoors.

Itinerary of Tobago Coral Reef Tour

Private Sea Excursions available - Enquire for prices

4 Hrs (starts 14:00)

USD 100 p/p with lunch

Trip to explore the hidden treasures and sea life from the glass bottom boat. Enjoy snorkeling in the Coral Gardens, relax sipping a cocktail in the crystal clear water of the Nylon Pool lagoon and round-off the day at No Man's Land for a delicious barbecue and rum punch beach party with the locals.

Itinerary of Buccoo Reef Tour with BBQ in No Man's Land

Private Sea Excursions available - Enquire for prices

6 Hrs 

USD 150 p/p with lunch

Cruise on a speed boat along the Caribbean coast from Buccoo to Castara Bay.

Enjoy the flora and fauna of the Caribbean sea: corals, dolphins, manta rays, tropical fishes and birds.

Relax and take in the scenery of Tobago coastline.  Swim, snorkel or fish in the beautiful coves along the route.

Delicious lunch and refreshments are included.

Cruise at sunset to enjoy local cocktails

USD 50 p/p

Aperitif in the Nylon Pool with Rum Punch and Cocktails in pure Caribbean vibe. 16:30 to 19:30

man swimming in bioluminescence in the lagoon in Tobago

USD 70 p/p

Light trails will swirl and flow with the water as you bathe at night. Night boat tour for every age. Please note this natural phenomenon is seasonal.

Man holding crab on the beach in Tobago

USD 25 p/p (1 hour)
2 or more people

Experience the thrill and excitement of fishing crabs with the help of handmade traps. 

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